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As a full-service provider of efficient production systems for the confectionery industry, we would like to inform you about innovations and current development projects from our company.

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Hänsel Processing GmbH has been researching, developing, producing and building production plants for the confectionery industry for over 100 years. With this microsite, we now want to open a new information channel for our customers. It is our concern to meet the future requirements of confectionery production with the innovations and process developments presented here.

The machine concepts shown can be used as standalone units, used in R&D, or can be expanded to complex production lines. All applications are backed-up by our solid experience and best quality. Contact us – also personally. We are here for you, with pleasure!

Industry 4.0



Energy Recovery


A revolutionary process line for sugar confectionery masses

Hänsel Processing, recognized as a leader in confectionery processing equipment for over 100 years, has again developed a revolutionary process. Hänsel Processing has succeeded in constructing a fully integrated process plant for processing all confectionery masses on the market with a low residual water content (high boils) with the SUCROLINER® 1731.

Highlights of the new: SUCROLINER® 1731

  • hygienic design (EDHEC, GMP)
  • short delivery availability
  • diagnosis for predictive maintenance utilizing industry 4.0
  • central lubrication system
  • automatic control valves for quick and exact recipe change over
  • EasyAccess concept of the discharge screw
  • fast installation on site by assembling all mechanical and electrical components on one skid
  • one central connection of supply media (steam, water, electrical, compressed air)
  • fully integrated CIP

The performance of the SUCROLINER® 1731 is up to 1800 kg/h with an option to flavor up to 4 different masses.

Due to the integrated design, the slurry can be processed with little or no additional recipe water effectively saving steam energy.

Another option is the 1731 NPA, which can be operated without compressed air.

If protein-containing masses are required, it is possible to expand the system optionally, while preserving the basic components.

The SUCROLINER® 1731 comes with the proven CROSSFLOW® cooker, which has been further developed in recent years by our team of specialists and has now become the industry standard.

Convincing in the smallest size:
our new line Lab+ !

With the newly developed system Hansel Processing now offers a micro system for the production of products in a range of 8-16 kg / h - continuously!

Thanks to the new and truly innovative system, scale-up to larger throughputs is possible without any loss of quality.

This system is particularly interesting for customers who want to manufacture small quantities of high-quality products (e.g. OTC products). Of course, it is also applicable for product development (R&D).

The integrated system has a raw material preparation station with a high-shear mixer for homogeneous mixing of raw materials. In addition to crystals, powders and liquids, all commercially available gelling agents can also be mixed. Should the raw materials not be pre-weighed, integrated weighing is possible. A frequency-controlled dosing pump delivers the premix to the JellyStar Lab+ or Rotamat Lab+, (if dairy material is processed).

Subsequent vacuuming lowers the temperature and water content of the mass before color, flavour, acid or active ingredients are added in a continuous dosing station. Since the quantities are very small, special pumps are employed, which can be optionally equipped with flow meters.

Especially interesting for newcomers or customers with little infrastructure at site:

NPA option (the system does not need compressed air connection and therefore no compressor).

NSS option (operated without steam which eliminates the need for steam installations or steam generators at installation site).

A data collection of all important process parameters is extremely important, especially in product development, and is part of the overall concept of the Lab+ line. Other features: PM Quality, Audit Trail for pharmaceutical applications as well as IQ / OQ.

Other high quality features are:

  • simple and quick installation thanks to the plug & run concept
  • sast start-up and shutdown without product loss
  • very good price / performance ratio
  • fast availability without long waiting times
  • high-quality components in the usual Hansel industrial quality

  • perfectly suitabe for feeding a lab depositor

Virtual Lab
- Hänsel goes digital!

We offer a variety of digital and virtual solutions to support you even in times of limited travel options.

Unique Virtual Lab: without your physical presence, we are able to carry out trials and commissioning with raw materials, supplied by you, in our in-house innovation center. An interactive participation at your workplace at home makes it possible for you to see all relevant data and to communicate directly with our experienced specialists in our Hannover based Innovation Center.

Virtual commissioning: clearly defined goals and full cooperation are essential for a successful commissioning. In order to meet these requirements in the best possible way, yours and our experts are virtually connected and by that means are able to commission successfully through mutual exchange.

Remote Package: with the help of this hardware and software package, it is possible to implement requirements related to control changes in the shortest possible time. A costly and time-consuming journey is no longer necessary. Our specialist implements your wishes in direct cooperation and billing is based on actual time taken.

- with remarkable energy savings

More than 50% cooling water savings in the tempering of candy masses due to individual cooling zones and the omission of mixing valves.

In conventional systems, the individual zones of the tempering belt (up to 6 individually adjustable zones) are cooled with cooling water of different temperatures in order to ensure a homogeneous temperature control of the sugar mass.

The different temperatures of the cooling water are provided at a constant flow rate by means of mixing valves by mixing cooling and hot water. Since only one hot or cold water rail is available, energy has been destroyed here. Because actually only heat needs to be dissipated, i.e. hot water consumption is not necessary.

Consistent individual zone cooling without the use of mixing valves has reduced the consumption of cooling water by more than 50% in the new generation of ECO + tempering belts and the use of hot water is almost completely eliminated (only necessary when starting up).

Since the cooling water required must largely be provided by means of electrically operated chillers, the systems from Hänsel Processing thus contribute to minimizing the electrical energy consumption in the manufacture of candy.

A new generation of candy cooling:

After having completly re-designed our candy cooler we can now offer a machine which meets the heigh expectations of modern candy production.

In particular, the hygienic construction and the complete execution in stainless steel are to be emphasized.

The HKB 3030 has a stainless steel frame with integrated intralox type belts that do not require an additional tensioning device.

The cooling tunnel has three belts that can be individually adjusted and the largest version can safely cool 2,000 kg / h.

Thanks to an optimized air flow, good heat transfer conditions can be achieved, which allow the fan to be dimensioned small and thus enable low energy consumption.

Additional advantages:

  • easy accessibility
  • no baffles
  • optimal distribution of the sweets on the belts thanks to optimized swivel movement

- faces behind our machines

In April 2020 we were very pleased to welcome to our sales team Mr. Burkhard Jabs.

Burkhard has been with our company since 2000, has been an expert on our machines and, since 2009, has been the project manager and the first point of contact for clarifying all details relating to the order.

Burkhard is looking forward to being active in sales and to strengthening and expanding the important sales area USA and Canada. He will be happy to assist you with his in-depth knowledge, from inquiries to the preparation of a well-founded offer to order processing.

He is very much looking forward to get in touch with you

- faces behind our machines

Since 2019, our international sales team is complemented by Mr. Gustavo Weiland.

As a trained food technologist with high expertise and practical experience, he will gladly support you in the fields of product management, design, commissioning and machine sales.

As a Spanish native speaker, Gustavo Weiland is your contact person for the regions of Spain, Portugal, Latin America and the Caribbean (

- our new international distribution partner

With Machinery & Ingredients Solutions (MIS), Hänsel Processing is exclusively gaining a new local partner for the Gulf States and Africa.

MIS is offering a complete product service for the food industry, ranging from single machines to complete production lines. The main focus lies on the production and packing of confectioneries and chocolates as well as on supplying ingredients and highest quality raw materials.

Your contacts:

Mr. Habeebuddin Mohammed / Machinery & Ingredients Solutions FZE
PO BOX 41942, Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE
Mobile: +971 50 6509603 / +971 50 5302957

Mr. Ameet Parikh / Machinery & Ingredients Solutions FZE
24 Citi Park Court, Behind Regal Plaza off Limuru Road
Nairobi / Kenya
Mobil: +25 4788 221145

Mr. Larry Swart / Machinery and Ingredients Solutions
Office 301, Silver Oaks
36 Silverton Road,
Musgrave / Durban / South Africa
Mobil: +27 71 679 2520

Mr. Jules Muneza / Machinery & Ingredients Solutions ‟MIS„ West Central Africa Sarl
Ngor-Virage, Lot n°56
B.P. 24390 Dakar, Senegal
Mobil: +221784203064

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